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Terrific Teens

This is our follow on course from Practical Puppies aimed at older pups going through their adolescence stage. We build on their skills taught in Practical Puppies and iron out any issues presenting as they get older! 

This course has been curated and designed by our head trainer, Carol, to work on the skills we believe will help your pup in the real world! 

The first week of our in person is a recap session of the skills learnt in Practical Puppies and a check in to see where everyone is at, what issues are they dealing with and what do we do about them? 

See below for the skills we work on, and we believe they have real life value!
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nearness in time, space or relationship

Building your dog's value for being near you will create a more consistent recall, stronger relationship and better loose lead walking!

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having no doubt in their abilities

A confident dog is a happy dog! Whether it's at the vets, the groomers or just out and about! Confidence will also help with socialisation and separation anxiety (and agility if you decide you want to give it a try!)

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concentration and engagement with you over other stimuli

Making sure your dog will choose you over anything else on offer, whether it's food manners, other dogs, traffic, people running etc

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